Your Guide to Rolling Joints for Cannabis Beginners

Rolling cannabis joint

Joints and Blunts and Spliffs – Oh My!

We need to understand what a joint is before we can roll our own. Joints are different than other methods of cannabis ingestion, such as vape pens or bongs.

People often interchangeably use the terms “joint” and “blunt”, but these two words have different meanings. Joints are made of thin rolling paper, a filter, and cannabis flower while blunts are cigars or blunt wraps that also contain tobacco. Spliffs look more like joints than they do blunts, and they’re usually made with rolled up papers instead of cigar wrappers.

Blunts and spliffs are both effective ways to experience the high from cannabis, but most people tend to use them for special occasions instead of smoking them on a regular basis.

Joints are more popular than blunts, and some dispensaries refuse to sell blunt materials as well as pre-rolls and tobacco products.

The qualities of an Excellent Joint.

When smoking cannabis, it is important to make sure your joint has a filter so you do not inhale plant material when breathing in the smoke. This also helps protect your lungs from harmful compounds that are released when lighting cannabis flower.

To ensure a quality joint, it is rolled and sealed tightly. This will help prevent the joint from breaking open and spilling its contents everywhere. it can also be a fire hazard if lit cannabis explodes while in use. Finally, joints should be packed densely and evenly to provide an even burn throughout each puff.

Now that we’ve discussed what makes a joint excellent, let’s get started rolling your own great joints.

Things you will need

  • Rolling papers of some kind (quality preferred)
  • Your Cannabis strain of choice
  • Weed grinders can make things easier
  • Tips for your joints, hand-made or store bought

Joint materials are only as effective as the material they’re made from, so make sure to grab the best rolling papers and flower, as well as joint tips that you can find.

First things first: Grind you cannabis flower

Some people may be tempted to skip the very first step of grinding flowers, especially if they do not have a cannabis grinder. This step is essential for producing a quality joint, as it makes filling the joint much easier and evenly distributes heat throughout the whole device. By doing this, you ensure that each hit will be consistent in terms of burn rate.

Making quality cannabis joints is a breeze when your flower has been dried properly. The best way to do this is by grinding it into small pieces that are about the size of grains of rice. some people prefer larger chunks, while others like them smaller. One great thing about rolling your own joints is that you can control every aspect of the experience – from the type and amount of cannabis used, to choosing what flavors you want in your joint.

Next roll your paper to place the filter on one end.

Whether you choose to purchase filters or make them on your own, the next step is to place one onto one end of the rolling paper. Since the joint is rolled length wise, place it in the center of one of its shorter ends. If desired, moisten either filter material or paper with water before applying it as needed.

After that add your ground flower to the rolling paper.

When rolling a joint, it is important to use both hands in order to prevent the rolling paper from becoming too full. It’s also helpful to measure out how much flower will be used ahead of time so that there isn’t any overloading on the marijuana. Have you ever had an overflowing burrito where everything falls out onto the ground? That’s what we want to avoid with our cannabis joints.

As you get more experience, you’ll be better able to determine how much flower should go into your rolling paper.

We be getting closer, now roll that joint to your desired shape and seal it.

To ensure a uniform paper roll across the entire joint, you can moisten the adhesive on one side of the filter and then tightly Roll the paper around that area. This method takes longer but is easier for beginners.

Finally, pack it in and seal the deal

To pack a cannabis joint properly, use a long, thin object like a pen or pencil. Push the flower into the open end from the top and then twist paper to seal it closed. This will ensure an even burn and keep your flower consistent throughout the whole joint. Once everything is packed in as desired, moisten opening with fingers if needed before twisting to secure

Last step…enjoy the high

To consume cannabis safely, hold the filtered end of the joint in your mouth and light it with a lighter. We recommend taking small hits at a time to avoid having a coughing fit or getting sore throat. Many people believe that they need to smoke the weed for an extended period of time in order to absorb more THC. However, holding on to smoke longer doesn’t actually help you get higher.

The THC in flower or vapor is quickly absorbed by the lungs and holds onto it for too long provides more drawbacks than benefits.

Some additional joint-rolling tips:

It can take some time to get good at rolling a joint, but here are a few tips that may make the learning process easier:

Start off small

The most challenging part of rolling a joint is packing the flower tightly in the paper. Whether you are just starting out or have been smoking cannabis for some time, we recommend starting with a small amount of marijuana. This makes the process easier and helps to produce an even buzz.

A small amount of cannabis flower (1/2 gram) is a good place to start when rolling paper. It fits well in standard-sized rolls (1 1/4 inches wide).

Make sure your flower is fresh

Do not use old, stale cannabis flower. If you are considering using flower that you have found in the back of your cupboard, it is important to check for fuzzy mold, musty or funky odor, and dryness. Flower that has been on the shelf for six months to a year will be fresh and free from these issues.

Chill and have fun

Joint rolling can be a challenging process at first, but for those that have mastered it, joint Rolling has become an art form. Many people who enjoy cannabis use origami-like skills to create unique blunt shapes from their favorite plant. You can watch online tutorials on how to make different types of joints or you could get creative and come up with your own!

Storing your hand rolled joints

If you plan to consume cannabis products within a short period of time, it is important to store them properly. Smoking marijuana can cause the THC levels in the product to decrease quickly. This happens because heat and humidity weaken cannabinoids (the active ingredients in marijuana). To avoid this, we recommend storing your joints in a plastic container when not using them.

Placing plastic canisters in a pocket or purse helps joints remain flexible and prevents moisture accumulation. Ziploc bags also help preserve joint health by trapping air, but it is important to remove all of the air before sealing the bag.

Finally, storing used marijuana cigarettes in pill bottles can be a great way to avoid having them smell bad and attract unwanted attention. Make sure the cigarette is extinguished and cool before packing it away.

Try pre-rolls to get an expert-rolled joint while practicing your own technique.

The benefits of pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes are clear: they’re convenient, and you can usually get a full gram of flower inside each one. Plus, buying packs of them at once makes it easy to have the perfect amount on hand without having to roll your own joints every time. However, we think there’s value in learning how to make your own joint too–in fact, that’s why we still include instructions for doing so with every pack. Whether you choose to learn or not is up to you!

If you’re having difficulty rolling your own joints, but don’t want to purchase pre-rolls, there are several tools that can be helpful. Ask a Westcanna budtender or do some research online for help finding the right products to make the process easier.

Artemus P Jaybody

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