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Topical cannabis products like CBD relief creams or THC lotions make it more convenient when targeting your cannabinoid routines. Absorbed through your skin, relief creams and sport recovery creams place the cannabis product exactly where you need it. To maximize effect, it’s important to choose a cannabis topical with the right ingredients to address your needs.


Cannabis topicals such as creams and lotions are increasing in popularity as people are starting to discover their list of benefits. Some customers like to mix in certain types of these products into their daily skincare routines. While others tend to buy relief cream to use after a workout or if they’re experiencing persistent discomfort in specific parts of their bodies.

One of the best things about cannabis topicals is that you can apply them directly to your knee, lower back, temples, or anywhere else that ails you. Unlike edibles, THC vapes, and flower that can affect your entire body equally, topicals tend to be specific and targeted in usage.


People from all over buy CBD topicals, including areas where marijuana is illegal. CBD topicals aren’t psychoactive whereas THC topicals are to a lesser or greater degree, strain dependent. Although, some cannabis customers, as well as some medical marijuana patients, prefer their topicals with THC. Regardless of your personal choice, topicals generally come in varying percentages of THC to CBD. Topicals with lower THC percentages tend to have less of a potential psychoactive affect.

Cannabinoids are easily absorbed into your body but the best ways to get them into your bloodstream and circulate throughout the body (if that is what you are looking to do) is to apply them to areas with plenty of veins and arteries such as:

  • Thighs
  • Inner Wrist
  • Inner Bicep
  • Neck



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