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Among enthusiasts, concentrates are one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Refined from premium flower, concentrate products can deliver ultra-high cannabinoid potency. From live resins to CBD Diamonds, our concentrates menu is among the best Vancouver residents and visitors alike can hope to discover.

You can experience cannabis in a multitude of ways through concentrates; they can be consumed using several different methods and offer a variety of textures and flavors to enjoy. One of the ways people consume marijuana is by dab or dabbing. This term is basically slang for smoking vaporized cannabis concentrates but without the convenience of a vape pen.

A lot of people still prefer flower for their consumption of cannabis, but slowly times and methods are changing. Concentrates are slowly becoming more popular and who knows, they may overtake the buds in terms of preference within the next few years.

Compared to consuming flower, cannabis extracts offer usually consistent high THC content and tend to bring on the effects a little quicker. Not to mention that when using concentrates the user doesn’t need to burn off all of the plant matter that usually comes with smoking pot.


Extracting cannabis concentrates is usually done by using a foreign solvent or water, ice, heat, pressure to strip the cannabis plant material of cannabinoids. Generally speaking, concentrates are of a much higher level of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, THCA and a wide variety of terpenes that can imbue flavor and effects to the concentrate. You can’t do that with straight flower.

Considered to be an art form by many, the methods used to create cannabis concentrates can vary widely. Regardless of the process used the objective in extracting concentrates is to isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes and separate them from the plant matter in an effort to create a more refined consumable product.


There are as many ways to consume marijuana concentrates as there are types of concentrates. Which way is best for you? Here are some of the more popular ways to consume cannabis concentrates:

  • You can add them to flower. Concentrates contain high levels of cannabinoids, adding some to a joint or a bowl certainly ups the potency to your tokes!
  • Gaining in popularity is vaporizing cannabis concentrates with a dab rig or in a vape pen. For the pens, you can use pre-filled cartridges or if you are more of a DIY person you can fill your own with your favorite strains.
  • People have always enjoyed edibles with typical cannabis flower, so why not with concentrates? If you want to try cooking with concentrates just remember to use smaller amounts of concentrates than you would with marijuana buds or hashish.
  • Just keep in mind that the THC content is much higher in extracts and concentrates than it is in regular flower. As such it’s essential that you do so responsibly. If you are new to using concentrates in edibles we suggest that you start with low amounts and go slow.



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