The Benefits of Using Cannabis to Improve Sleep

cannabis & sleep

A report published by the National Sleep Foundation found that between 50 million and 70 million adults in the US experience at least some of the symptoms of sleep disorders, from insomnia to sleep apnea. While there are many steps, you can take to help yourself improve your sleep quality, using cannabis might be just what you need to get the rest you deserve, finally! The greatest benefit of cannabis for sleep lies in its power to relieve stress and improve relaxation, which plays an important role in regulating sleep patterns.

Weed at Bedtime

Since insomnia is one of cannabis’s most well-documented benefits, you might be wondering if it’s okay to smoke a joint before bed. There isn’t a simple answer because everyone is different. For some people, smoking a joint right before bed makes them feel even more anxious or on edge; others find that weed helps them drift off into slumber-land faster. Then there are those who swear by marijuana as a natural sleep aid. So how do you know what works best for you? In this cannabis sleep guide, Westcanna will discuss the science behind sleep and cannabis and also help you with how you can improve sleep with pot. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, our expert advice will give you all you need to know about using marijuana at night in order to get a good night’s rest!

Cannabis & Sleep: A Growing Science

Over 8 million Americans use marijuana regularly. And it’s no secret that it can make you feel great. There are many medical benefits of cannabis. The disruption of our natural sleep rhythms is one the biggest causes of poor quality and quantity of rest. We go to bed at 10pm, but have to get up earlier than normal. Worried about getting enough sleep we toss and turn as the clock ticks away the time before we have to get up. Personally, I hate that and I found that a little THC/CBD helps calm me down so I can fall asleep. That’s why Westcanna wants to share with you how cannabis can improve your sleep.

In fact, there are several studies that suggest that CBD (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in high concentrations in hemp) may help us get more shuteye by improving REM (rapid eye movement) sleep cycles. Another study shows that CBD might be able to remediate age-related insomnia by enhancing GABAergic neurotransmission. Basically, CBD helps regulate what goes on in your brain while you’re asleep, which means better sleep! The science behind cannabis & sleep disorders, while cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years; there isn’t much research on its effects when consumed before bedtime.

How to Use Cannabis for Better Sleep?

Before using cannabis for sleep, you must know how much is too much. When dosing edibles, be sure to wait at least 1 hour before going to bed or more if you’re prone to nausea. Smoking a joint before bedtime may feel calming at the moment but could actually interfere with your ability to fall asleep. For example, THC has been shown in lab settings (and anecdotally) to increase wakefulness in some individuals when smoked at night. If you decide that smoking isn’t your preferred way of ingesting weed, we suggest choosing edibles or tinctures that have already been decarboxylated (meaning they can be absorbed by your body) so you get all their therapeutic benefits right away!

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