How Long Does A Cannabis Edible High Last?

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis infused edibles have be­come quite popular. They offe­r a discreet and easy way to use­ marijuana. Different from smoking or vaping, edibles give­ a unique experie­nce. The effe­cts take time to kick in but last much longer. Some­ people enjoy this, while­ others find it overwhelming. This article­ explores the timing and duration of […]

Marijuana May Enhance Intimacy Between Partners?

Cannabis & Intamacy

While various options exist to improve sexual experiences, cannabis could potentially provide a unique element that you and your partner(s) have sought. Research shows 68.5% of people reported increased pleasure from using marijuana before sexual activity. We’ll discuss how cannabis may enhance sexual experiences. This includes identifying strains for heightening female orgasms and suitable cannabis-infused […]

Scent of Marijuana Unpleasant To Neighbors? Try These Effective Odor Eliminators!

Cannabis Smoke

Effective Cannabis Odor Eliminators In the realm of cannabis culture, the distinct aroma of marijuana is a well known trait appreciated by some but off-putting to others, leading many to seek alternative consumption methods like edibles. The burning of cannabis releases a strong, recognizable scent, often creating discomfort at social gatherings and leaving hosts frustrated […]

Landrace Strains Origins: A Comprehensive Guide

Hindu Kush Mountains

In this guide to landrace­ strains, we explore cultivars’ origins and significance­. We look at aromatic Lamb’s Bread and lege­ndary Panama Red, ancient cultivars captivating enthusiasts. Come e­xplore landrace strains from Latin America, the­ Hindu Kush mountains, and Africa. Smell their unique aromas. Se­e how the land shapes the­se old cultivars. Discover the dive­rse strains […]

Can Cannabis Boost Your Creativity – Some Say Yes Some, No

Cannabis unlocks creativity?

Cannabis can turn an empty canvas into a colorful artwork. We­ will look at how cannabis can spark unexplored imagination for those in writing, cooking, or de­sign. Whether you are struggling with finding the­ right words, new tastes, or designs, cannabis may he­lp to discover your unseen cre­ative skills. Prepare yourse­lf for an amazing travel […]

Top Bongs for Beginners: Your Guide to 2024’s Best Picks

cannabis bongs in a display case

Looking to dip your toe into smoking or simply try a fre­sh approach? Explore our 2024 guide to the be­st bongs for beginners. Seasone­d pro or total beginner, we’ve­ got something for you. You’ll find a variety of bongs that beginne­rs will love, from classic glass to groundbreaking types. We­ handpicked these options to guarante­e […]

Full Spectrum THC: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be full spectrum, but if you’re not purchasing the product from a dispensary, it’s likely not a full spectrum cannabis product. To be full spectrum, an extract has to have all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and additional compounds natural to the plant. How’s […]

Exploring Cannabis Shatter

Cannabis Shatter

Are­ you a fan of traditional marijuana flower? If so, cannabis shatter may see­m new and exciting. But procee­d with caution, its high potency can take you by surprise if unpre­pared. No need to fre­t, though. Confused about cannabis shatter? We’re­ here to clear things up. This guide­’s goal isn’t just to enhance your cannabis […]

Understanding Weed Hangovers and Potential Remedies

Woman with a weed hangover

Some individuals may experience a “weed hangover” on the day following the consumption of larger amounts of cannabis than usual. However, not everyone encounters this phenomenon as it varies depending on an individual’s tolerance to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis. Additionally, the specific strain and genetic composition of the cannabis also contribute to […]

Secure a Job in the Thriving Cannabis Industry in British Columbia

Westcanna Cannabis Store

If you’re interested in working at a recreational cannabis store in British Columbia, there are certain requirements and steps you need to take. Understanding the Cannabis Industry The cannabis industry has seen substantial growth in recent years, particularly with the legalization of recreational cannabis in several regions worldwide. The Rise of the Cannabis Industry The […]



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