Marijuana May Enhance Intimacy Between Partners?

Cannabis & Intamacy

While various options exist to improve sexual experiences, cannabis could potentially provide a unique element that you and your partner(s) have sought. Research shows 68.5% of people reported increased pleasure from using marijuana before sexual activity.

We’ll discuss how cannabis may enhance sexual experiences. This includes identifying strains for heightening female orgasms and suitable cannabis-infused products for intimacy. We’ll also analyze the most effective marijuana options for improving sexual encounters.

Cannabis Enhances Sensory Perceptions

Due to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)’s psychoactive effects, cannabis heightens sensory perceptions, resulting in enhanced enjoyment of music, heightened food flavors, and increased fascination with everyday occurrences.

Given its ability to enhance senses, some claim marijuana can improve sexual experiences. But is there scientific evidence supporting this, and does cannabis truly have aphrodisiac effects?

Marijuana’s Impact on Sexual Desire

Our sexual appetite is often referred to as libido. It covers our desire for sexual activity. Factors like hormones, brain activity, and learned behaviors shape it.

In simple terms, stronger libido means greater sexual urge, potentially leading to better sexual experiences. But can cannabis boost libido?

Cannabis’ effectiveness depends on several factors. For instance, cannabis users may find relief from anxiety and improved focus, potentially benefiting them. On the other hand, some may experience increased anxiety while under marijuana’s influence, possibly negatively impacting their sexual experiences.

Studies on marijuana’s impact on libido show conflicting findings. A Psychology Today survey found 22% of male respondents claimed cannabis boosted their sexual desire, enhancing their experiences. However, a 2019 review revealed cannabis impaired some individuals’ sex lives, causing drowsiness and reduced focus. Ultimately, cannabis can boost libido, but this depends heavily on your psychological disposition and overall response to THC.

Choosing Between Indica and Sativa for Intimacy?

If you know about different cannabis types, you’ve likely heard of Indica and Sativa. For those unfamiliar, here’s a simple way to differentiate them:

Indica is renowned for its calming and sedative properties, often inducing relaxation and drowsiness. A simple mnemonic for recalling its effects is to label it as the “in-the-couch” strain.

Sativa is known for inducing heightened energy levels and promoting creativity, making it a favorable choice for daytime consumption.

Determining the Most Suitable Strain for Enhancing Intimacy

The challenge posed by this query lies in personal preference. If seeking a more intense experience, Sativa would be the ideal choice. However, for a more relaxed encounter, Indica stands out as the preferred option.

Furthermore, these varieties of cannabis offer a diverse range of strains, each delivering distinct effects attributed to its specific composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant-based nutrients.

It is advisable to explore different types of cannabis with your partner(s) to determine the most suitable strain for all parties. It is likely that you may have a preference for one strain while your partner(s) may favor another.

The Impact of Cannabis on Enhancing Pleasure

As the exploration of the relationship between marijuana and sexual experiences is still in its early stages, no definitive proof supports the notion that marijuana can enhance orgasms. The guide initially referenced a study indicating that 68.5% of women noted improved sexual encounters and prolonged orgasms with the help of marijuana.

This represents the sole evidence available supporting the idea that cannabis may enhance orgasms. Given this, if cannabis can boost libido, it likely leads to enhanced orgasm experiences.

Top Picks: 5 Cannabis Types for Intimate Delight

Stress plays a role in intimacy, but exactly how it impacts each person varies.

Responding definitively is tricky because cannabis affects people differently. Many may enjoy intimacy more regardless of strain.

Perhaps you tried cannabis before intimacy but didn’t see results. Or maybe you want to enhance your overall intimate experiences.

Regardless, here are the top strains for intimacy enhancement.

Top Champ: Granddaddy Purple – The Green Aphrodisiac
Type: Indica
Average THC: 17%

Some call it the “Green Viagra” for good reason. Granddaddy Purple delivers euphoria quickly after a few puffs. Its effects last longer than many other strains, making it ideal for those seeking more than a quick fix.

Harlequin – The Gentle Intimate Enhancer
Type: Sativa
Average THC: 5%

A strong cannabis high isn’t for everyone. But if you want a mild buzz, Harlequin could be your strain.

This weed type has low THC, around 5%, and high CBD, about 9%. The combo gives a balanced high. CBD can lower THC’s psychoactive effects.

So, the blend creates an uplifting feeling. It energizes you and friends, without feeling too high.

Do-Si-Dos – Ideal Choice for Blissful Experiences
Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Average THC: 20%
Effects: Sleepy, relaxation

Do-Si-Dos mixes Girl Scout Cookies’ energy with Face-Off OG’s calm. It starts euphoric then eases into full body relaxation.

It has high CBG, around 1%, and the terpene limonene. These may help anxiety, stress, and depression.

Top Pick for SerenityNorthern Lights Ideal for Relaxation
Type: Indica
Average THC: 18%

Northern Lights is very popular weed. Its key trait is making you physically relaxed. So it’s great for intimacy.

The Northern Lights strain contains a lot of Myrcene terpene. This gives it special cannabis smells. When you consume it, you taste sweet and spicy flavors with a strong odor.

Sour Diesel is ranked 5th for boosting energy levels.
Type: Sativa
Average THC: 19%

Sour Diesel is a top choice if you want more vigor before intimate times. This Sativa strain is famous for making you feel stimulated and uplifted. People love how it energizes and gives euphoria.

Reports also say Sour Diesel enhances sensory perception. So it improves how you feel touch, taste, and smell.

Final Word

Choosing the right cannabis strain can really improve your sexual experiences. It’s wise to try different strains to find what you like best. Don’t be shy, talk to our knowledgeable budtenders to see what they recommend.

Artemus P Jaybody

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