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Terpenes are aeromatic compounds found naturally in the cannabis flower. They contribute to the unique qualities between different strains and flowers.
All packaging for cannabis products must be child-proof, feature specific product labels and warning stickers.
All of our cannabis products are produced in Canada by Licensed Producers who’ve been vetted and regulated by the government of Canada.
These are strain types that correspond to cannabis plant varieties. Cannabis plants of the sativa variety grow taller with thinner leaves. Indica grows shorter with larger leaves. Hybrid plants incorporate both Sativa and Indica genetics through cross-breeding. Some experiential qualities have been historically assigned to the different strains.
Strain names refer to the lineage of the cannabis plant’s history. Often cannabis plants have a long history in the legacy market and have had street names which are associated with their genetic lineage. In the legal market, some cannabis producers have come up with new names for the plant genetics, but there’s usually a historical legacy name to match.
THC is the main active cannabinoid compound in Cannabis. It produces the sense of “high” that is common with Cannabis. CBD is a secondary cannabinoid which is non psychoactive.
We sell cannabis based products in multiple formats including dried flower, edibles, capsules, oils, vaporizer cartridges, concentrates, topicals, beverages and more.



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