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Back in the early days of marijuana edibles Brownies were the most common way of preparing and consuming edibles. Now there are many new and delicious ways to consume cannabis edibles all the time. Looking for a sweet treat or perhaps you are health conscience and don’t want to inhale smoke? Edibles just might be the right choice for you, check out our menu to see what edibles would be best for you.

When exploring the world of edibles, we once again suggest caution. Cannabis edibles can be very potent so remember, low and slow is the key until you know more about the effects of the consumables. Before you begin your journey into edibles there are a few things to keep in mind.


As with marijuana flower, you should take strains into consideration when you’re shopping for edibles. If you like the effects of any particular strain, odds are pretty good that you will also like that strain in an edible. Just remember that the THC levels may be higher in the edible. Just like with flower strains your choice in edibles comes down to whether you are looking for medicinal or recreational uses.


There are so many ways to consume Edibles so make sure that in choosing one it appeals to your tastes. For example, if you don’t like chocolate, then cannabis-infused chocolates might not be the best idea. Instead, some cannabis infused gummies, or a beverage might be the preferred choice.


Concentration is an entirely personal preference. What you find week may be altogether way too strong for someone else. Remember, if you are new to edibles, start with a lower concentration and take a little. If after a short while you still do not feel the effect you were hoping for, then take a little more to help you gage the affects for future consumption.


Edibles can be an enjoyable, delicious, and convenient method to consume your cannabis. Keep in mind that consuming marijuana through edibles can take much longer to feel the effects so don’t eat too much at once until you know exactly how you will react to these products.



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