What is Sativa Cannabis?

two hands holding Sativa Cannabis flower

When we talk about the cannabis Sativa strains, most people consider it for its energizing, uplifting, and relaxing effects.

Sativa cannabis is the complete opposite of the Indica marijuana species, which makes you more high compared to the revitalizing effects of the Sativa weed.

Sativa leads to effects and medical benefits that make it unique! Therefore, it is easy to distinguish between Sativa marijuana and Indica. Comparing this to other subcategories, we can say that the Sativa plant provides more relaxing, and rejuvenating properties associated with cannabis consumption.

What does the Sativa plant look like?

When we compare Sativa cannabis with other marijuana plants, we can say that it is much taller, and leaner than Indica. The leaves on the plant are narrow & skinny and lime green in colour. Comparing this to the Indica pot plant leaves, the Sativa strains have much more definition.

As mentioned, the Sativa marijuana leaves are lighter in colour, with bright green and orange hues. Sativa buds are large, fluffy, lightweight, and more full in appearance than the Indica strains.

Overall, Sativa buds tend to be messier and less compact compared to Indica, but the main difference here is with the flowers grown, it does not reflect on the quality of the buds produced.

Effects of the Sativa

Sativa marijuana is known for its blissful & high energy effects. When you consume some other marijuana, then you might feel sleepy & ready to rest. But, when you consume Sativa, then you will be ready to do just about anything. It boosts your motivation and you tend to enjoy the outdoors, which is simply unmatched by other marijuana species of plants such as Indica or hybrid.

Sativa makes your mind feel more stimulated and the body slightly more energized . Many people have reported getting more creative while enjoying Sativa strains, giving people a new perspective to look at things.

Medical Benefits of Sativa

Sativa cannabis can give relief to people suffering from depression. It stimulates your mind and makes you more active & productive, generally speaking. The main reason behind this is that the THC will respond to CBD receptors, which help in regulating the stress hormone serotonin.

However, marijuana might not be the perfect cure for depression, but cannabis can make it more manageable.

Apart from depression, the Sativa strains can provide relief in chronic pain and regulate the body’s pain response. While consuming strong Sativa strains, you may find some relief for muscle/joint discomfort along with some help with some digestive issues. You will begin to feel more positive and productive! Also, it will increase your appetite as well!

Side Effects of Sativa

One of the biggest side effects of Sativa is a potential increase in anxiety levels in some people.

With excessive consumption, people have been reported to have an increase in heart rate, stomach pain, racing thoughts, etc.

You have to keep yourself calm, drink a lot of water, and eat lots of food. Take a nap or talk to your friends. Once you do this you will start to feel like yourself again.

Keep in mind that all these effects will not last forever and you will recover from them. If you want to speed up recovery, you can try taking some vitamin C in any of the available methods to you.

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