What are cannabis distillates? All Unique properties explained!

Cannabis Distillates

Have you ever heard of the term cannabis distillate? Well, it is a 100% potent variant of cannabis. One of the best things about cannabis distillate is that it can be taken with anything you want to pair it with. This makes your cannabis experience more enjoyable and personalized.

To know more about cannabis distillate, you need to know how it is made, its properties & the precautions to know before consumption.

Cannabis distillate: Here’s what you need to know!

We would say that it is a potent and pure cannabis concentrate. The best tests with very high percentage of THC content, and it has a procedure that gives the substance its unique properties.

As a result, it is an attractive and popular product among marijuana enthusiasts.

All distillates are created with natural oils, CBD compounds & plants that create a single sap of cannabinoid.

However, the process to create distillates is quite old! With technological advancements, the manufacturers had started to experiment to achieve the purest form of CBD distillate. The CBD distillate was discovered during the 90s and it has become popular over the last 10 years.

The Unique Properties

These are one of the most popular oils available in the market. There are different activities such as Dabbing and vaping along with edibles, but you can achieve them in a practical way.

These are different from the concentrates without any smell, and these are not even dabbed. The main reason behind this is that the distillates are pure and do not have any terpenes content.

With the absence of terpenes, there is no aroma/flavor profile. But, many manufacturers include terpenes in the later stage for the desired aroma/flavor.

Cannabis distillate has a high percent because of a single dominant cannabinoid. If it happens to be THC, as a result you will experience a lifetime high experience! But, due to this high potency, it is not recommended for newbie smokers.

We recommend that only experienced smokers should try their hands on cannabis distillate, especially with THC dominance. However, the final choice is yours!

How are Cannabis Distillates made?

Making a cannabis distillate starts from the extracts, but as we know there are excess & unnecessary elements present. To remove all such substances, the winterization process is implemented! In this process, the extract is combined with ethanol, and stored in the refrigerator for 2 days. The cold temperature helps in removing all the impurities from the mixture.

The cannabinoid compound is decarboxylated to remove all THC content and remove all intoxicating effects. In this process, the cannabis extract is heated up to convert the THCA to THC. It removes all the carboxylic acid that helps the body to bind well with the cannabis compounds.

In the final stage, the mixture is put under vacuum pressure along with predetermined boiling points. It separates the cannabinoids from the terpenes or any other impurities that might have been left out!

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