What is Hybrid Cannabis? Everything you need to know in 2022

Hybrid Cannabis Strains Chart

Hybrid weed is a cannabis-derived strain with a combination of Sativa and Indica. Both the plant types are famous for their effects, where Indica helps with relaxation, and Sativa is more energizing. Therefore, hybrid marijuana is created to provide the best of both species.

The interesting part about the hybrid pot is that it can be customized, which means that we can experiment with both Indica and Sativa plants. In this, we can make one side dominate over the other, and have effects of Sativa/Indica based on its proportions.

There are a few 50-50 hybrid marijuana strains, and these are ideal for people who are looking to buy a balanced experience with the benefits of both.

To know more about the balance nature of Hybrids, we need to further discuss some of the specifics of hybrid cannabis.

What Does Hybrid Weed Look Like?

Considering the physical characteristics of hybrids, everything depends on the strains of the parent plants.

Indica Dominant vs Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cannabis

If the parent strains are Indica dominant, then the plant will have more Indica-like characteristics. The strain would be smaller & denser along with a dark colour with pink/purple hues. They also have a sweet/sour or fruit-like smell depending on the concentration of Indica in the hybrid weed.

Similarly, the Sativa derived hybrid marijuana will have more Sativa like characteristics. The Sativa-dominant hybrids are lightweight, fluffy and have a much more earthy smell. Also, these are lighter in colour than the Indica dominant variety.

The Effects of Hybrid Weed

As explained earlier, the effects of hybrid cannabis depend on the parent strains. But, we can say that it will be sedative, relaxing, and energizing for 6 to 8 hours. In case, if you experience a balanced hybrid high, then you will feel completely different effects. The effects of the hybrid strains might differ from one strain to another. But for your information, you can refer to the biological profile of the strain. Doing this will give you a good idea about the effects of the hybrid weed in terms of its effects & benefits.

Coming to the benefits part, we are going to cover both the benefits and side effects of hybrid marijuana buds.

Should you Consume Hybrid Weed? Benefits Vs Side Effects 2022

The benefits of consuming hybrid weed

When you want to get the benefits of both Indica and Sativa cannabis, then you must try some hybrids. Hybrid marijuana are stable and they provide the best of both the parent strains. These are capable of pain relief, reducing anxiety, boosting your mood, etc.

If you are looking to get specific benefits from hybrid pot, then you must do your research and identify what you want! Once you have decided upon your requirements, then you can look for a hybrid strain delivering the desired results and experience.

Side Effects Associated with Hybrids

Remember the old saying that “anything consumed in excess will harm you anyway”. This is true with everything, even if you eat a lot of food in excess, then you will experience stomach pain.

Similarly, if you consume any cannabis in excessive amounts, including hybrids, then there will be certain associated side effects. Some of the common side effects are nausea, dizziness, anxiety or sleep deprivation.

Now, with the consumption of hybrid cannabis, the side effects are not that difficult to bear and they do not last long. The side effects wear off and you will be back to your normal before too long. In any case, If you are experiencing any of such side effects, then take a deep breath, and keep in mind that these effects are going to pass!! Nothing is permanent, and you will overcome this. Also, keep in mind that if you want to reduce the effects of any marijuana product, take some vitamin C in any of the forms it comes in.

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