How much can you buy at a BC cannabis store?

Are you curious about how much cannabis you can buy at a BC-based dispensary? Imagine this: you stroll into a beautifully lit store, walls lined with jars of fragrant buds in every strain imaginable. Your mind races with excitement, but then the practical question hits you: how much can you purchase? Not to worry, we’ve got the answers. In this post, we’ll dive into the facts of the cannabis regulations in British Columbia and inform you of the limits on purchasing marijuana products. Whether you’re a casual user looking to stock up for the weekend or a medical cannabis patient seeking relief, we’ll unravel all the important details. From understanding personal possession limits to learning about quantity restrictions on different types of marijuana products, we’ll give you the straight facts about purchasing cannabis in BC. So, read on to learn just how much you can buy at a BC dispensary at any one visit.

Short Summary

  • Discover the personal possession limits set for cannabis purchases in British Columbia.
  • Understand the quantity restrictions imposed on different types of cannabis products.
  • Learn about the purchasing limits for both recreational and medical cannabis users.
  • Navigate the laws and regulations of buying cannabis at a BC dispensary and ensure compliance with regulations.

Overview of BC Dispensaries

With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada, residents and visitors can now experience a wide variety of cannabis products at BC outlets. Below we break down the regulations and restrictions surrounding the purchasing limits at BC dispensaries, detailing just how much cannabis you can buy when shopping at any dispensary or pot shop.

Understanding the Legal Framework

In Canada, the legal age to purchase cannabis varies by province. In British Columbia, the minimum age for purchasing recreational cannabis is 19. If you are reading this from a different province please make sure to check the provincial laws governing the sale and possession of cannabis products prior to making any purchases.

Maximum Purchase Limits

BC cannabis stores adhere to specific purchase limits set by the government to prevent the overconsumption and misuse of cannabis. As of October 2021, adults aged 19 and above are allowed to purchase up to 30 grams (or approximately one ounce) of dried cannabis or its equivalent in other forms per transaction.

Equivalency in Cannabis Products

Keep in mind that the purchase limits are based on the equivalency of cannabis products. This means that different forms of marijuana based products, such as edibles, concentrates, and oils, have specific conversion rates to determine their equivalency to dried cannabis flower.

For example, 1 gram of dried cannabis is typically equivalent to:

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edibles
  • 70 grams of liquid product (e.g., oils, tinctures)
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1.4. Possession and Storage Limits


Alongside purchase limits, there are also regulations on possession and storage of cannabis. In British Columbia, adults are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public. However, it’s essential to remember that possessing cannabis in excess of the purchase limit can result in legal consequences.

When it comes to storing cannabis, it’s recommended to keep it in a secure and child-proof container, away from children and pets. Responsible storage helps ensure safety and compliance with the law.

Legal Limits on Cannabis Purchases

Personal Possession Limits: In British Columbia, individuals of legal age (19 years or older) are allowed to possess up to 30 grams (or one ounce) of dried cannabis in public. This limit applies to both Canadian residents and tourists who are of legal age to consume cannabis.

Purchase Limits at Dispensaries: At BC-based cannabis stores, customers are typically limited to purchasing a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis at one time. This aligns with the personal possession limit set by the government. Remember, these limits can vary slightly between different provinces, so make sure to check the specific regulations in your area if you are reading this from outside of British Columbia.

Cannabis Concentrates and Edibles: While the possession limit for dried cannabis is 30 grams, the limits for concentrated cannabis products and edibles may differ. In British Columbia, individuals are allowed to possess a maximum of 7.5 grams of cannabis concentrates or the equivalent amount in other cannabis products. This means that if you purchase cannabis concentrates or edibles, you need to be mindful of the specific weight and dosage limits.

Limits for Medical Purposes: For individuals who have a valid medical prescription for cannabis, the possession limits can vary. Under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), medical cannabis patients can possess and purchase larger quantities if authorized by their healthcare provider. These limits are determined on an individual basis and are not subject to the same restrictions as recreational use.


Cannabis Products Available at BC Dispensaries

When it comes to purchasing cannabis at a BC dispensary, there is a wide array of products available. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a relative newcomer to the world of cannabis, you’ll find a selection that suits your tastes.

Flower: Flower, also known as bud or marijuana, is the most common and recognizable form of cannabis. BC cannabis stores offer a wide range of strains, each with their own unique combination of flavors, aromas, and effects. From mellow Indicas to energizing Sativas and balanced hybrids, you can find the perfect strain for your desired experience.

Edibles: Recently, edibles have gained popularity, offering many alternative ways to consume marijuana. BC dispensaries and recreational use stores offer a range of delicious edible products, including gummies, chocolates, cookies, and more. Edibles are infused with cannabis extracts and provide a discreet and convenient way to consume marijuana that removes the associated risks of smoking it.

Concentrates: For those seeking more potent forms of cannabis, BC dispensaries offer a wide selection of concentrates. These cannabis products come in various forms, such as shatter, wax, oil, and live resin. They are known for their higher levels of THC content and provide a more powerful experience for users. As such newbies to concentrates should start off slowly.

Topicals: BC dispensaries also offer cannabis-infused topicals, which are products applied directly to the skin. Topicals include lotions, balms, creams, and transdermal patches. These products are primarily used to provide localized relief from pain, inflammation, and skin conditions, without the psychoactive effects that usually come with cannabis consumption.

Accessories: In addition to cannabis products, BC cannabis stores also offer a range of accessories to enhance the cannabis experience. These include items such as vaporizers, pipes, bongs, rolling papers, grinders, and more. The right accessories can help consumers to enjoy their chosen marijuana products.

Pricing and Quantity Options

When it comes to purchasing cannabis at a BC dispensary and recreational use stores, customers have a range of pricing and quantity options to choose from. Their are products to suit both needs and budgets. Let’s dive into the different options available:

Grams and Pre-Rolls: For those looking to try out different strains or simply purchase a smaller quantity, grams and pre-rolls are ideal. BC marijuana shops typically offer a wide variety of strains in gram increments or pre-rolled joints. This option allows customers to experiment and explore different cannabis options without committing to larger quantities.

Eighths and Quarters: Moving up the quantity ladder, BC dispensaries commonly offer eighths and quarters. An eighth refers to one-eighth of an ounce, or approximately 3.5 grams. This is a popular choice for regular marijuana consumers who have a preferred strain and want a slightly larger quantity. Quarters, on the other hand, equate to one-fourth of an ounce, or around 7 grams.

  • Eighths: Approximately 3.5 grams
  • Quarters: Roughly 7 grams

Half-Ounces and Ounces:
For those who require larger quantities or want to stock up on their favorite strains, BC pot shops also offer half-ounces and ounces. A half-ounce amounts to 14 grams, while an ounce consists of 28 grams. This option is beneficial for consumers who use cannabis regularly or prefer buying in bulk to save on costs.

  • Half-Ounces: About 14 grams
  • Ounces: Approximately 28 grams

Please note that pricing varies depending on the strain, quality, and rarity of the cannabis product.

Shopping Responsibly at BC Dispensaries

When purchasing cannabis products at BC dispensaries and cannabis stores, it’s important to approach the experience with responsibility and awareness. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind while shopping for cannabis in British Columbia:

Understanding Legal Limitations

  • In Canada, there are strict regulations in place regarding the purchase and possession of cannabis.
  • The legal age to purchase cannabis in BC is 19 years old.

Personal Possession Limits

  • For recreational use, adults in British Columbia can possess up to 30 grams (about one ounce) of dried cannabis or its equivalent.
  • It’s important to note that this possession limit applies to individuals and not households.

Purchase Limits at BC Dispensaries

  • BC dispensaries abide by the same possession limits mentioned previously.
  • While there are no specific purchase limits in place at BC dispensaries, it’s recommended to respect the personal possession limits set by law.

Quality and Safety Considerations

  • BC is known for its thriving cannabis industry, showcasing a wide range of products to choose from.
  • It’s important to prioritize quality and safety when shopping for cannabis.
  • Look for dispensaries that prioritize the E-A-T principles by ensuring knowledgeable staff, lab-tested products, and a commitment to providing accurate and reliable information.

Consulting with Budtenders

  • Budtenders are experienced cannabis professionals who can provide guidance and recommendations based on your needs and preferences.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek advice, or clarify any uncertainties you may have during your dispensary visit.

Responsible Consumption and Storage

  • Remember, responsible consumption is essential for both personal well-being and maintaining a positive image of the cannabis industry.
  • Ensure you consume cannabis in a safe and legal manner, away from public spaces where it’s prohibited.
  • Properly store your cannabis products, keeping them out of reach of children or pets.


When purchasing cannabis in BC, one must be 19 years of age or older. To exceed the legal limitations of purchasing from a BC Cannabis Store, customers must have a valid medical marijuana prescription. Each product type has its own set of purchase limits. For example, a customer can purchase up to 30 grams of dried flower per day, but no more than 5 grams of cannabis oil or capsules per day. If you are unsure please ask one of the knowledgeable staff at your favorite cannabis retail outlet.

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